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for All of Greater Washington DC Area

Why Choose us?

We are proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available. It is one of our top priorities to protect the well-being of our valued patients. For this reason, our office meets and surpasses all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards. We are confident that you will feel right at home in our office as we welcome all patients as if they were family.

Painless Dentistry

Computer controlled flow of anestheisa makes world of difference

Emergency Appointments

We see patients on the weekends and after hours

Convenient Location

We are minutes from metro & highways 355, 270, 495

We are here to help you with impressive smile

Dr Deepa S, DMD has advanced training and extensive experience in Implants, Invisalign, Botox to name a few. She also has Masters Degree in Orthodontics. Her passion for details and Dentistry benefits patients in many ways. Three generations of patients have been considering us as part of their family, give us a try and I am sure you will see the reasons to trust your smile with us.

Experienced & Professional Staff

Decades of experience and professionalism at your service


Tempurpedic Equipped Chairs for Your Comfort


Complimentary snacks and drinks. No double bookings; No wait time. The entire team is at your exclusive service


Dental Services Available In All our locations

General Dentistry

Are you looking for a new dentist? Our General Dentistry services cover everything from pediatric care to helping individuals with sleep apnea get better rest. We proudly provide Greater Washington DC community with sophisticated, modern dental care at affordable prices. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create the perfect smile!

Implant Dentistry

Whether you need a single implant or a full-smile replacement, Dr. Deepa will connect you with beautiful, natural-looking Dental Implants that will give you the smile you've always wanted. Enjoy your healthy teeth and show the world your pearly whites!

Veneers and Lumineers

Lumineers is the #1 patient-requested dental veneer. That's why Dr. Deepa and our team have taken the time to learn the best in technology! We're dedicated to providing everyone in Greater Washington DC area with their perfect smile. Book now for your complimentary digital makeover!

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth Whitening options provide long-lasting results. We’re proud to offer multiple options for healthy, sustainable improvements to your smile in no time.

Root Canals

If you think you may need root canal therapy, reach out to our team to get efficient, expert, and painless treatment. Leaving untreated infections or damage could lead to more severe dental issues later on, so our team will work with you to make sure your oral health stays strong.

Bridges, Crowns, and Dentures

Whether you’re looking for repair or replacement, we have you covered. Our Dentures, Bridges, and Crowns can protect your gums and provide long-lasting relief. Learn more today!

Pediatric Dentistry

Our Family Dentistry practice understands that your family's oral health is important. Through a combination of preventative care, monitoring your oral health, and early treatment, we keep your smile spick and span!

Wisdom Teeth and Extractions

From damaged tooth extractions to routine wisdom teeth removal, we’re proving with professional care and proven results each and every time. Learn more about everything we have to offer today!

Invisalign, Clear Aligners, and Braces

Join us here for professional dental alignment services that can straighten your smile and help you enjoy long-lasting oral health. We’re proud to work with patients of all ages.

Smiles Club

Membership includes the following benefits

  • 15 - 25% off procedures
  • Cleanings
  • Diagnostic X-rays
  • Customized Whitenings
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Emergency Exams
  • Easy Monthly Payments
  • No Deductible
  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No Exclusions

Our Team

Experience and Professionalism we are proud of.

Dr Deepa S

Dr Deepa S, DMD has advanced training and extensive experience in Implants, Invisalign, Botox to name a few. She also has Masters Degree in Orthodontics. Her passion for details and Dentistry benefits patients in many ways. Three generations of patients have been considering us as part of their family, give us a try and I am sure you will see the reasons to trust your smile with us.

Dr. Ancela Blakely


Dr. Blakely is a caring, compassionate general dentist with a gentle touch. She obtained her dental degree from the University of Maryland Dental School. To provide excellent dental care, she is committed to continual learning to sharpen her professional and clinical skills. On your initial visit with our office, you will find her giving an attentive ear to your expressed dental concerns to ensure a treatment plan that addresses both your dental concerns & needs. She looks forward to serving your dental needs at Smiles of North Bethesda!

Dr. Zaid Al-Najjar


Dr. Zaid Al-Najjar is passionate about being able to provide great service to the community and aims to educate patients about the proper oral health and needs while explaining all treatment options so patients can feel knowledgeable about the care that they received. Dr. Al-Najjar is an international dentist who has two dental degrees, one from Iraq and the second one from the University of California at San Francisco.

He grew up in Baghdad, the Capital of Iraq! He moved to the state in Dec/2015 and lived in Texas/Houston for 2 years and a half. Then he attended school in San Francisco! Besides dentistry, Dr. Al-Najjar loves to expand his culture by traveling and meeting new friends. He loves to chat and talk to people from different backgrounds and get to know them. That’s what makes him more alive as a person! He is also a cyclist and loves being close to the water in most of his free time.

Dr. Ahmed Saadoon


Dr. Saadoon obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in California. Dr. Saadoon has continued to study the latest dental developments and techniques, ensuring that the care that he gives to his patients reflects the state-of-the-art technology and treatment options.

As a life-long goal, Dr. Saadoon is always seeking to improve in his profession, he attended advanced courses to sharpen his skills in all forms of dentistry to continually learn new techniques to enhance his patients experience while ensuring the predictability that his patients deserve. One of the main things that Dr. Saadoon likes about practicing dentistry is the joy of building relationships with his patients. He wants each patient to know that he takes a genuine interest in their oral and overall health before, during, and after any dental treatment they receive.

​During his free time, Dr. Saadoon loves spending time outdoors with his family and friends. He likes to travel to different places. He also likes soccer, swimming and is always looking forward to learning about a new culture.

Dr. Nima Moradi Majd

Root Canal Specialist

Dr. Nima has attended a six-year program at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran; where he received his Doctor of Dental surgery in 2005. After two years of private practice, he started a Post-Doctoral Endodontic Program at Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. In 2010, he graduated with a Certificate of Endodontics and Master in Neurophysiology. After graduation, Dr. Majd started working as an Endodontic clinician while teaching as an assistant professor in Endodontic Department of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences in Iran.

He moved to the U.S. in 2014 and attended the International Dentists Program at Howard University College of Dentistry in Washington DC. He graduated in 2016 with his second D.D.S. degree. He loves playing chess, biking, traveling and spending time with his wife. He also enjoys reading historical books.

Dr. Jana McCall

Gum Specialist

Dr. McCall is a native of Decatur, GA. Dr. McCall completed her undergraduate education at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Spelman College in Atlanta, she continued her education at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. While at the University of Michigan, Dr. McCall was recognized by the faculty for excellence in clinical periodontics and patient care and received numerous awards.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Dr. McCall was accepted to an extensive 3-year specialty program in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. McCall earned a certificate in Periodontics and a Master of Science in Craniofacial Biology.In her personal time, Dr. McCall enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters.


Treatment Coordinator

With over 12 years of management experience, my goal at Smiles of North Bethesda is to present your dental treatment plan and assist you in resolving any financial obstacles or barriers that prevent you from moving forward with treatment. In this way, I am trying to give back to my community. I want to make sure that I am making an impact and changing lives. Being here at Smiles of Bethesda gives me that opportunity. I love meeting new people and spending time with my beautiful daughters.


Financial Coordinator

I have over 7 years experience in the customer service work industry. I have always wanted to work in the healthcare industry but without experience, it was very difficult. Dr. Deepa gave me an opportunity to grow and I took it. I love what I do as a financial coordinator. As a financial coordinator, I deal with insurance (post claims), monitor transactions, and create payment plans for patients. On my days off, I enjoy spending time with family and friends.


Dental Assistant

I have been a dental assistant since August of this year. Being a dental assistant is very important to me. I love meeting new people and developing an everlasting relationship with them. My goal is to ensure that I am with them every step of their visit with us and ensuring that they have an amazing experience with us. I enjoy cooking and spending time with my husband.


Dental Assistant

I’ve been in the dental field for over a year. I started as a patient representative and decided to transition into a dental assistant. I wanted to be more hands on with patients and I found my passion. I love being able to comfort patients. My goal is to ensure that the patients that I am assisting leave satisfied. I am family oriented and love spending time with my kids and fiance.


Patient Outreach Specialist

I have 13+ years of customer service. I recently got into the dental field to broaden my horizon, and to learn more about dental health. I am passionate about getting patients healthy. I am glad I am able to do that at Smiles of North Bethesda. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my daughter. I look forward to meeting you, your family, and friends.

Sarah Mapelli

I have suffered with numerous dental issues as well as dental anxiety my whole life. The staff here is AMAZING and always treats me with such respect and kindness. Super transparent and answer all my questions which I appreciate. Highly recommend.

Tangie King

She is a good doctor I have am amazing staff I really like them , Both of her offices that I’ve been to great service.

Akim Belabed

Dr. Deepa is an excellent dentist, does all her work with you in the chair and I appreciate her manners of keeping you informed and relaxed, I highly recommend her services.

Germaine Harris

Great staff !! Friendly service… professional and nice environment . On time for your scheduled appointments everything explained. Great experience !!!

Erica Butler

I have been going to the Office for a few years and have absolutely NO COMPLAINTS. Dr. Deepa and the entire staff are so pleasant, attentive, professional, etc. I was so pleased with my initial visit I brought in 2 additional family members (and working to bring a few more). Convenient hours, good location, clean Office, minimal wait time...so happy I found them. I have some procedures that need to get done but they made me feel at ease and unafraid. Thank you and keep up the excellent work ❤

Jenn McGuire

Dr. Deepa is a great dentist. She has a great “chair side manner” and can make you feel calm.


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